Raptor XLL

Raptor XL – A new generation!

With the Raptor XL ARJES introduces a new generation of shredders. Energy savings of up to 50%, the Super Silent technology and a very precise output size make the Raptor XL a powerful, reliable and extremely economical recycling machine. Developed and designed by Norbert Hammel.

Arguments that speak for themselves

  • full load reversible transmission with foreign object detection and adjustable safety clutch
  • two tilting hoppers for a better and optimized material supply to the tools
  • long, throughed discharge belt for direct truck loading (up to 4800 mm), galvanized conveyor frame protects against rust

Energy saving technology

  • direct drive with full load reversible transmission
  • new shafts with more effective cutting geometry
  • optimized air circulation
  • low engine speed of only 1800 rpm

Thus saving 40 to 50% energy Diesel consumption now down to only 0.5 l/t*

Super Silent Technology
Extremely low noise due to:

  • low engine speed
  • effective sound absorption

Only 85 dbA noise emission

Precise output size

  • due to new blade technology
  • material is cut – NOT squashed!
  • this provides a direct and better marketing of the final material

XLL – more space for your material
Especially for bulky materials or larger amounts of material we offer you the option XLL with prolonged shredding housing. Therefore you are able to increase the throughput at moderate types of material without having to switch to a more powerful class of machine.

A genius on the job
The Raptor XL is ideal for shredding the following materials:

  • biomass
  • wood waste
  • branches / loppings
  • rootstocks
  • paper rolls
  • cable drums
  • pallets

raptor xll